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Scholarship Contests are created by corporations and foundations both as good works and as means of publicity. The best news is, you often don’t have to qualify based on your grades or on some exceptional skill — you just have to enter and hope you get lucky. Who cares if it’s a publicity stunt — if it helps you go to college, it’s worth a shot.

Here are some currently available contests along with the deadline for entering (from earliest deadline to latest) and a link to the site where you can learn more and submit an application. We have gone to each of the sites to verify the existence and the deadline for the contest described, but we can’t guarantee that you will win or vouch for the sponsors of specific contests:

Current Contests

Some scholarship contests require special talent or a fairly high GPA, but plenty of others are based just on luck! Youjust have to apply a little energy, follow the rules, and submit your entry before the deadline. We've summarized some currently open contests below. Take a look at the requirements, note the deadline, and go for it. The more you enter, the greater your chance of winning one if not more!

Each summary below notes the deadline for applying or entering, gives a brief description, and provides a link to the relevant site. We've visited each of these sites to verify their existence and to confirm the applicaton deadline; we cannot gaurantee that you will win or vouch for any particular site. Good luck! - $1,000 GPA Isn't Everything Scholarship Sweepstakes Cappex awards scholarships on an ongoing basis. The next drawing is July 31, 2012. Just fill out their form to tell them about yourself to enter. The award can be used at any university or college.Note: deadline for the current drawing is July 31, 2012, but check back regularly as they hold drawings throughout the year. Cappex $1000 Scholarship Sweepstakes.

American Fire Sprinkler Association Note: 2012 Winners have been chosen, but you can still apply for the “Second Chance” Scholarhip, described in the next paragraph. There will be 3 winners of $1000 scholarships. Applications are being accepted until August 22, 2102.

The second contest is the “Second Chance Scholarship Contest”. This one is for those who have graduated high school or the equivalency exam and are planning to go to college or a certified trade school. AFSA will offer three $1000 scholarships, same procedures and deadline as the first contest (which has ended). You still have a chance to win as entries will be accespted until August 22, 2012.American Fire Sprinkler Association Contests

Suntrust.Com - Off To College Scholarship Sweepstakes Note: this contest is free to enter and eligibility is NOT based on your GPA or financial need! The 2011-2012 contest has ended but the 2012-13 Off to College Sweepstakes begins September 14, 2012. You will be able to enter to win a $1000 scholarship if you are a senior in high school or are currently in college and will be attending further undergraduate classes in the fall. In the past they have held 15 drawings and winners are selected every couple of weeks over a 7 month period. Checks are paid directly to the college of the winner. Suntrust Scholarship Sweepstakes

Quick Steps to a $2,000 Scholarship Entry Restrictions : 18+ US; Next Drawing: 6-15-2012 Details: Fill out an entry form and view some of this outfit's sponsors, then confirm your entry. You will have to provide your name, email, cell phone number, and create a username and password. They say that the scholarships can be used for any student needs including rent and social activities in addition to textbooks and tuition. Quick Steps $2000 Scholarship Entry.

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